Our studio

Art craftsmen share a fascination for the infinite possibilities of their favorite material. They know that challenge is at the heart of their achievements, day after day. The love for their art and for the well-done work is particularly reflected in the quality of delivery. It clearly shows in the attention to detail, in the very good craftsmanship, in the meticulous care given to finishes.

Philippe Coudray

Graduated from Ecole Boulle, Philippe Coudray is in the great tradition of French upholsterers and decorators. Custodian of an heritage know-how and openness on the contemporary design, Philippe Coudray has a deep technical knowledge of his craft.
All his creations reflect a deep expertise.
Moreover, Philippe Coudray can share and perpetuate this typically French know-how thanks to the multi-talented craftsmen working in his Paris studio.
Relying on a culture of arts and crafts, Philippe Coudray has multiplied his collaborations with pres-tigious houses and internationally renowned architects and designers.
Philippe Coudray’s personality is revealed by his immoderate taste for beauty and his sense of detail.
Just recently, the Ateliers Philippe Coudray opened a new agency in Geneva.

The Ateliers Philippe Coudray

Nestled in the craftsman neighborhood of the East of Paris, the Ateliers Philippe Coudray extend over an area of 800 m² in an old factory in Pantin completely renovated where tapestries, bed decors, curtains and seats are made to measure. Sketches based on the wishes and imagination of designers and interior architects come to life and become reality thanks to some twenty pas-sionate craftsmen who work there.

They successfully make use of traditional upholstery techniques: sewing, cutting, jute webbing, springs, vegetable fiber stitching, passementeries. This is also where final assembly and seat finishing (the crown jewel of the collections) are carried out, implementing complex techniques of lacquered and patinated finish entirely hand-crafted.

Our Crafts

The Cutter

The cutter – a highly qualified worker – with perfect knowledge of the fabrics and various techniques of manufacture, is in charge of preparing the fabrics intended for the uphol-sterer, furniture upholsterer and on-site upholsterer.


The Seat Upholsterer

Seat upholstery is aimed at completing the trimming of the seat, the laying of the cover fabrics and the finishing, respecting the original style, for both restoration and creation projects.

The Upholstery Seamstress

Decor upholstery is a discipline that combines hand and machine sewing to create all kinds of fabric interior or exterior decors. Blinds, slipcovers, bed covers, pillows, etc., the application is extremely wide, and the variety of forms and techniques is significantly increased by the choice of fabrics and passementeries.


The On-Site Upholsterer

The on-site upholsterer installs fixed or mobile decorative elements at the customer premises. He car-ries out the installation of tapestries (wall fabrics on rods), but also the laying of carpets stretched on carpet underlay or bonded, as well as the laying of stair carpets. He is also in charge of the installation of fabric ceilings, rods of any kinds, sheers and double curtains as well as all window decors with contemporary blinds.