Located at the heart of the Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle was built in 1681 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Louis XIV’s favorite architect and a reference of French classicism. This spectacular building once hosted members of Europe’s political and cultural elite, from ambassadors to artists, musicians, writers and scientists of the Enlightenment.

More than two centuries later, after a complete restoration, Le Grand Contrôle is reborn to reveal to its guests the exclusive world of the Château de Versailles.

We were honored to participate in this prestigious renovation.
The historic lounges and the 14 rooms and suites restored in accordance with the original spirit were decorated with tapestries.

The walls of the Historic Lounges were adorned with decorative panels framed by brass moldings. Patterned borders on the perimeter emphasize the wainscoting. The central parts in plain fabric highlight the sconces and paintings.

The walls of the rooms and suites have been traditionally treated with tapestries, delimited by lacquer patina picture rails. The fabrics have all been custom woven according to the historical data from the Pierre Frey Studio.

The challenge required by Christophe Tollemer’s and the client’s teams was not only to match with high precision the tapestries drawings with the curtains, doors under the tapestries, and attic walls, but also to respect the various technical details required by the complexity of the rooms.

Only the meticulous care and expert manual dexterity of our companions could bring this high-precision work to a successful conclusion.

Interior Architect: Christophe Tollemer
Photo credits: Renee Kemps

Located on the Avenue George V, in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the luxury and fashion district, nestled between the Seine and the Champs-Elysées, the Bulgari Hotel Paris is a new hotel experience where the codes of Italian hospitality, Bulgari’s jewelry heritage and the prestigious history of the City of Light merge.

We created all the decorations, curtains and sub-curtains – some of which are motorized – for the large bays, rooms and suites, including the Bulgari Penthouse, an exceptional private apartment of nearly 400 m2 with its 6-meter high curtains, as well as those of the Il Ristorante – Niko Romito.

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Originally built by French architect François Durel in 1901 in a post-Haussmann style, the hotel has been carefully redesigned by the architectural firm Pierre-Yves Rochon.

We had the honor to work on the entire Palace : the Lobby, the Bar, the gastronomic restaurants L’Atelier of Joël Robuchon and Le Jardinier of Alain Verzeroli, as well as the Spa Guerlain & the Suites.

This project thus allowed us to implement all areas of our craft of excellence.

In the public areas, particular care has been given to the wool satin window decors, on which have been applied elegant embroidered borders in the lower part.

Installed on motorised rods, these decors were embellished by custom-made hanging tiebacks from Passementerie de l’Ile de France.

The two large porches of the gastronomic restaurant Le Jardinier are adorned with motorised decors including decorative curtains, wooden Venetian blinds, day and night roman blinds, allowing to modulate the intimacy of the place according to the hours of the day.

The window decors of the restaurant L’atelier of Joël Robuchon are decorated with curtains, wooden Venetian blinds, & reel blinds that dim the light, all motorised.

A particular work was completed on the curtains made of wool sheet of different colors, connected by a lamb’s wool cording.

The suites are decorated with curtains, under-curtains and sheers operated on motorised rods, embellished by custom-made suspended tiebacks.

The corridors are stretched with wild silk; the walls on the headboard side are decorated with a geometric diamond-shaped fabric.

The leather-covered headboards and bed frames custom-made in the Ateliers Philippe Coudray complement this decor by discreetly incorporating reading lights and switches.

A very particular work was performed on certain headboards by integrating lacquered wood bedsides and brass inlays.

Precious fabrics were selected for the making of plaids, facings and cushions made to measure to match the overall decoration.

Architect: Pierre-Yves Rochon – Cabinet Pierre-Yves Rochon



For this majestic contemporary villa in San Francisco, the Ateliers Philippe Coudray made the window decors, tapestries, wall cladding, Japanese walls and all the decorative cushions.

To decorate the monumental bays of this villa, noble materials were chosen such as wool satin, linen, linen veil, woolen cloth, abaca…

A work of application of leather border over-stitched with saddle stitches was completed on some of these decors.

Because of the high height and the length of the bays, all the curtains as well as the solar blinds were motorised, and managed by a home automation system.

Architect: Pascal Goujon
Interior Architecture: Aude Gros-Rosanvallon – Holocene Design

An emblematic address of the Maison Boucheron, the oldest private mansion in Paris has regained its original volumes while combining refinement and sobriety.

The Ateliers Philippe Coudray participated in the creation of the window decors and in the installation of tapestries during its renovation in late 2018.

Facing south, the Hôtel de Nocé is bathed in sunlight from morning to night.

Only curtains made of very light fabric, mounted on thin black wrought iron rods, with simple while elegant tiebacks (created specifically for this project) allowed to control the brightness in the rooms, while preserving transparency, faithful to the aesthetics of the Maison Boucheron.

Historical Monument Chief Architect: Michel Goutal
Interior Decorator: Pierre-Yves Rochon – Cabinet Pierre-Yves Rochon

The restaurant’s 10-year renovation – with the “grande Dame de métal” as inspiration – combines its magnificent geometry with a timeless interior as a tribute to the “grey and gloomy Paris.”

Under the impetus of Aline Asmar d’Amman, the creation of the decors for the bays and the custom-made furniture was the occasion to express the excellence of our know-how of upholsterer and interior decorator.

Taking up the geometry of the Tower’s intersecting beams, braids made by tearing – in the same wispy fabric as the curtains – have been applied in such a way as to reproduce these cross bars.

The whole should soften the brightness of the rooms, while leaving the view on Paris.

The benches are entirely made-to-measure in our workshops, giving priority to the comfort of the seat.

The fabric of the bench seat in an embossed velvet with a striped pattern matches the color of the floor, in a gray tone inspired by the Paris sky.

The classic shape of the bench is embellished – on the head of the backrest – by a subtle embossed braid echoing the architecture of the Tower.

Interior Architecture & Art Direction:
Aline Asmar d’Amman – Culture in Architecture
Le Jules Verne Restaurant  – Chef Frédéric Anton
Photo Credits: Stephan Julliard

Interior design of 4 modern chalets during the construction of the hotel.

The combination of warm wood species with mineral materials and fabrics in natural and soft tones has allowed us to combine elegance and comfort in a contemporary and luxurious interpretation of Alpine codes.

We were in charge of the creation and installation of the window decors in the common areas (the Lobby, the Bar Edmond, the Gastronomic Restaurant 1920) as well as those of the suites.

In the Lobby, the window decor – a wool sheet bordered with a leather braid embroidered with small wooden rings – enhances the warm atmosphere and the sublimation of the alpine panorama.

In the Bar Edmond and the Gastronomic Restaurant 1920, the motorised curtains, 5 meters high, made of woolen sheet with two horizontal borders in wood tones, dramatize the decor while preserving the luxurious and warm atmosphere.

High and large motorized roman blinds complete the control of the brightness.

In the hotel suites, all the curtains and blinds, motorised and provided with leather braid over-stitched with saddle stitches “in a Hermes style”, decorate the windows. Custom bedding, cushions and plaids are also provided.

We also designed all curtains, mattresses and pillows in the Spa.

Architect: Pierre-Yves Rochon – Cabinet Pierre-Yves Rochon

For this minimalist style decor, we brought our expertise in the making of curtains and furniture.

All the straight curtains – made of linen and supported by contemporary flat rods – are installed in valances, the latter allowing for a refined rendering of the decor.

Thin transparent abaca blinds complement the private areas.

For the bench with its refined lines, custom-made in our workshops, particular care has been given to the comfort of the seat as well as to the aesthetics.

Emphasis was placed on the choice & finish of the cushions in order to bring a personalized touch to this elegant apartment.

Architect: Maud Harvengt – A + LL Design

From 2015 to 2017, our participation in the renovation of the Hôtel de Crillon gave us the opportunity to express our expertise both in the window decors, tapestries and in the furniture design.

We worked on the Salon des Aigles, the Lobby, the Fumoir, the Brasserie d’Aumont as well as in the Rooms and Suites, including the Marie-Antoinette Suite, the Duc de Crillon Suite and the Lagerfeld Suite.

For the historic lounges, including the Salon des Aigles, we have created decors for very high windows with borders embroidered by the Maison Lesage, raised with S-scroll tiebacks.

The window decors of the Brasserie d’Aumont et the Fumoir were designed with embroidered silk fabrics by the Maison Lesage, and custom-made leather tiebacks.

Concerning the armchairs of the Historic Lounges, the structure, the lacquered patina and the upholstery have been made in a traditional style in our workshops.

For the Lagerfeld Suite, all the stylish bergeres have been reproduced from the drawings of Mister Karl Lagerfeld imagined for the room.

For all the rooms and suites, we made curtains raised with tiebacks, as well as the under-curtains and sheers. The set was enriched with braids and fringes custom-made by the Maison Verrier.

All the walls on the headboard side – provided with tapestries – were decorated with golden braids reproducing geometric patterns.

In the attic suites “Ateliers d’Artistes”, we made both the window decors and tapestries.

For the Marie-Antoinette Suite, we custom-made a bed decor including canopy and headboard.

The window decors are embroidered on the whole surface of the fabric by the Maison Lesage, raised with S-scroll tiebacks in a neo-classical style.

Bergeres and benches were made to measure by our teams.

Interior Architects:
Tristan Auer – Atelier Tristian Auer
Chahan Minassian – Chahan Interior Design
Cyril Vergnol – Stylagos
Photo credits: Reto Guntli

A symbol of the Modern Style movement, this villa – listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and built at the end of the 18th century – needed to regain its brilliance and luster.

We have participated in the restoration and reconstitution of the historical apartments dating from the 1920s.

This project allowed us to implement all areas of our craft.

Through extensive research in the historical archives, we have woven fabrics in a Modern Style, reproduced the passementerie as well as the rods, ends and tiebacks decorated with floral patterns such as lotus flowers.

The restoration of the Louis Majorelle antique furniture was carried out at each stage by our teams (raking, rebonding of the structures, gilding with 24-carat gold leaf burnished with agate, traditional relining).

The window decors were adorned with decorative bands inspired by the “Belle Epoque” style: custom-made braids, fringes and tiebacks complete this set.

All the silk fabrics woven by La Manufacture Prelle have been worked out into tapestries, on which application braids have been added.

Concerning the rooms, their renovation was focused on the beds and bedding.

Cushions, bedspreads and pillows were also made to fit perfectly with the recreated decor.

We took care of the entire renovation of the guest rooms (beds, headboards and bedspreads, pillows, and cushions…).

Architect: Gaël Lunven – GAIA DESIGN